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45mins Individual Story X 7

Family Holiday Special

Abominable Christmas


Abominable Christmas is a American children's animated TV show in 2012.

Bob's Broken Sleigh


Directed by Chad Van De Keere for Kickstart Productions, it features the voices of Isabella Acres, Drake Bell, Emilio Estevez and Ray Liotta.

Dear Dracula


The film is about the adventure of two naughty kid who escape from the capture of an evil scientist and end up going back to their families.

Frozen in Time


A Monsterous Holiday


The film was screened at the 2013 Foyle Film Festival.

The Naughty List


This Christmas movie (2015) is about a young magic-less elf named Bob, who finds himself on a wild sleigh ride after being ambushed by the evil puffin Fishface. Stranded in the middle of a magical forest, it's up to him and friends he makes along the way to bring the sleigh back home in time for Christmas - if the puffins don't get it first!

Under Wraps


The story is about Sam the monster movie buff who lives with his grandmother. His best friend is the girl living next door, but he always feels like an outsider. One day, when Sam asks his grandmother for a Dracula figurine, she suggests him to ask for one as a Christmas gift by writing to Santa . Sam, however, has a better idea - since Halloween is around the corner, he's going to write to Dracula instead!

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