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Established in 2016 by a group of experienced professionals, including animators and visual effects designers etc., Enchanting Studio Limited is a computer animation film studio with excellent technical, creative and production capabilities to provide high-quality movie and television production service.

What we can do

We know what is best to do for you. Our studio provides various services including Animation for Film and TV series, Concept Development, Game Cinematics and Visual Effects.

Animation for Film and TV series

We understand that service quality is never the only focus, customers are concerned about stability of product lifecycle management and data confidentiality, which is the key for a continuous production of animated films and series.


Enchanting Studio can provide professional project management services and full-process animation production. We have our own servers and storage space, plus in-house R&D and production management, that help us to provide reliable and stable production to each project simultaneously. So far, more than 3,000 minutes of animation have been produced for different clients.

Concept Development

Creativity is the soul of every story, and we value clients' persistence in creation! Enchanting Studio can create unique and various styles of designs for every project.

Game Cinematics

Enchanting Studio provides professional and gorgeous animated openings and cutscenes for the Game Industry.

Visual Effects

Enchanting Studio provides professional and gorgeous animated openings and cutscenes for the Game Industry.

Our service scope includes but never limited to conceptual design, storyboard drawing, character design, animation production and post-production etc, providing a full range of animation production services. We value the importance of communication and cooperation with customers, and are committed to provide highest quality service to maximize satisfaction. 


With our base in Hong Kong, we continuously focus on providing professional services in China when we also strive to develop European, American and East Asian markets. 


With all our hearts to provide the excellent service you can’t imagine, we will be the best choice for you if you have any needs on animation production.

The Hong Kong and Suzhou, China studios are proud of our years of creative and mass production experience. Over the past few years, different types of animation projects have been created for numerous clients, including commercials, TV shows, movies and more. From cartoon to modern, from detailed hand-drawn styles to realistic 3D animations, We tailor made all our works with experiences and technique. 

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